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MisterEdTech launches Sites for Schools web development service!

by Randy Fairfield, 11/10/16

“My goal with this service isn’t just to provide you with a great looking website. My goal is to give you a platform that will immerse and engage your teachers, students, and parents in a Google for Education environment.”

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How to Complement Edmodo with Google Sites

by Randy Fairfield, 8/17/16

One question that many teachers frequently ask when they first dive into edtech is, “What tools should I use? Should I use Edmodo? Google Classroom? Google Sites?” Educators are strapped for time, and God bless those that don’t know what they don’t know. It can be very challenging and time consuming to learn a lot of different tools, only to find that they weren’t what you were looking for! This brief video explores how teachers might consider using both Edmodo and Google Sites in tandem to take advantage of the strengths each has to offer.

Link to further support with Google Sites: