CoolText: Word Art on Steroids!

CoolText is a incredibly useful site to use where you’re looking to do some graphic design with text. You can create and use something quickly and easily, or you can create an account and save your designs for editing and reuse later on! CoolText is great tool to use when you’re building a website or presentation!


Google Nik: Free, Top-Shelf Photo Editing Software!

This fantastic photo editing software was formerly hundreds of dollars and was just made free on 3/26/16. Thanks, Google! I’ve always been too cheap to pay for Photoshop, and while I’ve loved working with GIMP since it’s free, Google Nik seems to have some unique features and be more user-friendly.


ThingLink: Create Interactive Digital Word Walls

ThingLink is really neat way to tag images up digitally with links, photos, or other information over it. The possibilities are endless! … and did I mention there’s Google, Facebook, and Twitter integration? My favorite use of ThingLink has been to create tutorials on how to use other edtech tools, but this is could also be an interesting way to tag up a map or create an interactive timeline.


The Snipping Tool: Screenshots Made Easy!

Check out my brief tutorial on the Snipping Tool, which is a really easy way to take screenshots. While there are more advanced tools out there (like Snagit, for example), the Snipping Tool is quick and easy to use, easily making it one of my favorite productivity tools.


Wordle: Beautiful Word Clouds

Wordle is a quick and easy way to generate fancy-looking word clouds and is a great tool to use for teachers and students alike!

Update, 2/1/16

A number of teachers have reported having issues with Wordle. Here are some solid alternatives:


Batch Resize Images Online

Have lots of images that need to be resized? The linked website below can be an incredibly handy tool in getting the resizing done quickly without losing much image quality.