Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision

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My mission at MisterEdTech is to support teachers and organizations as they look to integrate technology to achieve research-driven, student-centered outcomes. My vision is an education system that prepares all students to become competent and confident leaders and contributors in an ever-changing world that demands creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and digital literacy. If you’re interested in why I feel so strongly about my mission and vision, check out this blog post!

I believe a growth mindset, hands-on experience, self-reflection, and background with the TPACK framework and the SAMR model will give teachers and other district leaders the necessary foundation for my mission and vision to be fulfilled! Of course, a strong foundation is just the first step towards building something amazing! That is why my services include consultations to backwards plan a roadmap for success, presentations to build inspiration, and professional development and instructional coaching to move from inspiration to implementation.

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Randy Fairfield, MEd, MBA

Teacher, Trainer, Presenter,
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Randy Fairfield currently serves as a Teacher and Consultant at Three Rivers HomeLink in the Richland School District in Eastern Washington and has experience working in a dropout recovery school, a parent partnership program, and in high-poverty schools. He is most passionate about leveraging educational technology to build relationships with students and connect with families and has been personalizing, flipping, blending, and gamifying learning well before the terms became trendy.

Edmodo and Hapara Certified TrainerGoogle Certified Educator - Level 1 & 2Authorized Google for Education Certified Trainer


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