Online Course: Edmodo and Google Integration (Spring 2018)

Edmodo recently launched some exciting new features on their platform which has served to tighten the integration with the Google Suite and has made the facilitation of online courses better than ever!

In tandem with these releases, Edmodo partnered with MisterEdTech last Spring to promote an interactive online course titled, “Using Edmodo and Google to Facilitate 21st Century Learning”. The course has ran twice before and was so well-received that it’s back by popular demand! The course will begin again on April 2, 2017, will last six weeks, and will cost $129 per participant. Everyone is welcome to participate, and 20 clock hour credits will be offered through ESD 171 for Washington State teachers for a cost of $40 extra to be paid directly to the ESD. These clock hours count as TPEP clock hours.

Participants will be asked to spend 3 hours and 20 minutes per week engaging in the course and will learn the baseline technological knowledge needed to integrate Edmodo and the Google Suite. The course will also focus on best practice and will ask teachers to be reflective about their pedagogical applications of these tools.

If you are interested in the course, click the “buy now” button. After you make the payment, you will be directed to an Edmodo link that will let you join the course after you log in with your Edmodo account! You can check out the course syllabus here and/or send Randy an email at if you have any questions or have difficulty joining. Hope to see you there!



Using TabCloud to Manage Multiple Edmodo Small Groups

by Randy Fairfield, 3/30/17

If you’re an Edmodo power user, you just might have a lot of small groups and subgroups in Edmodo to keep track of. One thing I like to do to help me track of these small groups is to use TabCloud, which is a Google Chrome extension that allows me to save a set of tabs to quickly and easily tp pull up later. Using TabCloub has helped me keep track of things when I’ve had TONS of small groups running during times where students in multiple classes are working in groups of four or five on small group projects. TabCloud has also helped me manage small groups on Edmodo when I’m using them as subgroups, such as is the case in the Edmodo/Google Integration course I’m currently running online. Check out this short “how-to” video on how to keep your Edmodo small group sanity with TabCloud!


How to Use Edmodo to Promote Civil Discourse

by Randy Fairfield, 10/17/16

Tired of the lack of civility in our politics today? Had enough of adults behaving like children in the comments section of the news online? Yeah, me too. So I decided to do something about it! Here’s one way you can use Edmodo to help your students be the change you wish to see in the world.


How to Send out a Google Form with a Link, Edmodo, or Google Classroom

by Randy Fairfield, 9/19/16

One of the most common questions I get from teachers getting started with Google Forms is, “Okay, I made a great form… now how do I send it out again?” Here’s a brief tutorial on how to send that form out there in three different ways:


How to Complement Edmodo with Google Sites

by Randy Fairfield, 8/17/16

One question that many teachers frequently ask when they first dive into edtech is, “What tools should I use? Should I use Edmodo? Google Classroom? Google Sites?” Educators are strapped for time, and God bless those that don’t know what they don’t know. It can be very challenging and time consuming to learn a lot of different tools, only to find that they weren’t what you were looking for! This brief video explores how teachers might consider using both Edmodo and Google Sites in tandem to take advantage of the strengths each has to offer.

Link to further support with Google Sites:


Edmodo/Google Integration Summer Campaign

by Randy Fairfield, 8/9/16

You may have started noticing a lot of posts this summer from me that relate to using Edmodo and Google Apps for Education in tandem. I’ve been a proponent of Edmodo for quite some time and have enjoyed using it in tandem with Google Apps for Education to achieve student-centered outcomes. However, I’ve noticed a lot of teachers switching to Google Classroom as their districts adopt Google Apps for Education, and that really bums me out because there is so much more that teachers can do with Edmodo than Google Classroom!


I’ve started an Edmodo/Google Integration Topic on Edmodo that is quickly gaining followers, and blog posts email blasts, and tweets are being sent out by Edmodo too. Exciting times!


Google Chrome Extensions to Enhance Edmodo Productivity

by Randy Fairfield, 7/30/16

I used to think that Chrome Extensions were superfluous fluff meant for the uber geeky. While there’s some truth to that, I can’t get enough of them now that I’ve taken a closer look. Here are some of my favorite time-saving extensions that I use on a daily basis. Taking just a few minutes to learn some of these today can save you a few minutes every day for the rest of your life. YOLO… so…

Link to LinkClump extension:
Link to Close Inactive Tab extension:


Compare and Contrast of Edmodo Quiz and Google Forms Quiz Features

by Randy Fairfield, 7/11/16

There are a lot of different options out there for quizzes, so which one is the best? Particularly if you’re using Edmodo and Google Apps, you will have to make decisions about whether or not to use an Edmodo Quiz or a Google Form. There’s actually some good reasons for doing both, and the video below explores the topic. Hope you find it helpful!

Link to Student Course Evaluation Aligned With TPEP Evaluation:


How to Use Edmodo and Google Docs to Enhance Teacher Feedback to Students!

by Randy Fairfield, 6/29/16

One of most important practices a teacher can engage in to help students learn is to give students feedback in an effective way. Using assignment comments in Edmodo and Google Docs features in tandem gives teachers a powerful combination of tools to move student learning towards mastery. Here’s some ideas on how to do it:


Make a Copy of a Google Drive File for Each Student on Edmodo

by Randy Fairfield, 6/19/16

One feature that teachers have come to love in Google Classroom is the option to “make a copy for each student” when attaching a Google Drive file. Edmodo is working on adding that feature to their platform, but in the meantime here are some easy tips and tricks to help you achieve the same outcome: