Advanced Google Image Searches

by Randy Fairfield, 9/15/17

Did you know you can narrow your Google image search results to better find what you’re looking for? This can be extremely helpful if you’re specifically looking for:

  • High resolution images!
  • Black and white images!
  • Transparent images!
  • Images labeled for commercial reuse!

There are kinds of fantastic ways in which you can filter your search results to meet your specific needs. This can also be a useful tool to show students and to have a discussion about intellectual property as students are often unaware they are stealing when they take a picture that has not been labeled for reuse.

Randy Fairfield, MEd and MBA, is a teacher and consultant in the Richland School District in Eastern Washington. He is also a Google for Education Certified Trainer, Edmodo Certified Trainer and Hapara Champion Trainer and Consultant.

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