How to Create a Teacher Portfolio on Google Drive

by Randy Fairfield, 10/22/15

I am an educator in Washington State, and teachers here are under TPEP (Teacher/Principal Evaluation Program) for their evaluations. Because there are so many ways in which teachers are evaluated, most teachers generally keep a portfolio when they are on a comprehensive evaluation for the year. While the following resource provided is specifically for teachers on the TPEP CEL 5D+ Framework used by many school districts in Washington State, you can take the ideas and concepts shared here and use them to help you create any kind of portfolio you’d like.

Step 1:
Download the ZIP file linked at the bottom of this page.

Step 2:
Locate the file on your computer (probably in your downloads folder).

Step 3:
Right click on the folder and select “Extract All”.

Step 4:
Upload the TPEP Google Drive Portfolio folder to your Google Drive and begin adding artifacts!

Suggestion #1:
Share your portfolio with your administrator and give them permission to either view or edit. Some administrators might be willing to upload artifacts into your portfolio.

Suggestion #2:
You can download the Google Drive app on your phone, take pictures of TPEP artifacts, and upload them directly into your portfolio!

Suggestion #3:
Use screenshot tools like the Snipping Tool or Snagit to easily document any digital TPEP artifacts.

Suggestion #4:
Right click on your folders and change their color from red to yellow to green as you upload evidence and make progress!

Please check out this video tutorial and let me know if you have any questions by commenting on the YouTube video!

Hope this helps! Feel free to comment on the YouTube video as I always appreciate your feedback.

Randy Fairfield, MEd and MBA, is a teacher and consultant in the Richland School District in Eastern Washington. He is also a Google for Education Certified Trainer, Edmodo Certified Trainer and Hapara Champion Trainer and Consultant.

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