Make Copies of a Google Form for Everyone!

by Randy Fairfield, 9/8/16

As collaborators on a Google Form work together on something, there will often come a time where they need their own copy of the form. It’s easy enough to, at that point, have an individual collaborator right click on the file in Google Drive and select “make a copy.” However, what if I want to use a Google Form as a template and have each student have their own copy of form? Or what if I wanted to share the awesome form I made with the rest of the world without them having to request permission to access the file and gain editing access over my template?

At that point, the best practice would be to share a link that, when clicked, invites users to make their own copy. It’s better felt than tellt, so here’s a brief tutorial that explains how to go about creating such a link. An important thing to note: make sure that the form you are sharing is a template and does not have any sensitive data as the copy of the form that people get will include copies of the responses as well!

I’m big on having teachers collaborate and not work too hard on “recreating the wheel,” so if you have a Google Form you’d like to share or you want to take one that someone else has made, check out the “Share That Form” section of my website.

Randy Fairfield, MEd and MBA, is a teacher and consultant in the Richland School District in Eastern Washington. He is also a Google for Education Certified Trainer, Edmodo Certified Trainer and Hapara Champion Trainer and Consultant.

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