Select All or Multiple Email Messages in Gmail

by Randy Fairfield, 2/2/18

It always saddens me when teachers get so bogged down with administrivia that their focus gets drawn away from their students. That’s why I love sharing little time-saving tips! I see teachers get overwhelmed with email, so I hope this helps! You can “Select All” messages in Gmail by clicking the box circled in red below:

Additionally, you can select multiple messages at one time without having to select them all! You simply need to click the box by the first email you want to select, then hold down the shift key and select another message. All the messages in between will then be selected! This can be very helpful in deleting a string of “reply all” emails that you didn’t want to be a part of. Here’s how it works:

Randy Fairfield, MEd and MBA, is a teacher and consultant in the Richland School District in Eastern Washington. He is also a Google for Education Certified Trainer, Edmodo Certified Trainer and Hapara Champion Trainer and Consultant.

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