Randy Makes Hapara Certified Champion Trainer

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by Randy Fairfield, 3/30/17

Since becoming a Hapara Certified Champion Educator, I decided to make the leap and join the first a cohort of individuals to go through Hapara’s Certified Champion Trainer program. Lindy Hockenbary (@lindyhockenbary) was a fantastic facilitator, and I appreciated that I learned just how much about how to effectively integrate Hapara into the classroom as I did about the basic how-to’s!

When it’s all said and done, I’d have to say the best part was the animated GIFs. 🙂

Randy Fairfield, MEd and MBA, is a Technology/Instructional Coach in the Richland School District in Eastern Washington. He is also a Google for Education Certified Trainer, Edmodo Certified Trainer and Hapara Certified Champion Trainer.

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