Vista Hermosa (8/8/17)

Intro to the Google Suite: Vista Hermosa (8/8/17)


Teachers will be able to begin using the Google Suite to enhance their instruction and support student learning.


Time frames are not shown here as my philosophy is “no teacher left behind.” We will take as much time and have as much patience as is needed for you to leave this training with the ability to begin using the Google Suite in your classroom tomorrow should you so desire. We’ll take a break partway through as well. As such, we may not have the time to cover all topics listed.

  1. Collaborative digital introductions via Google Slides while we get everyone signed into Google
  2. About me: my background, mission, and vision
  3. Using Technology vs. Technology Integration
    1. TPACK Framework
    2. SAMR Model
    3. Valid concerns
  4. Why Google?
    1. It’s a Changing World
    2. 21st Century Learning Skills
    3. ISTE Standards
  5. Hands-On Training: Google Drive
    1. Why Google Drive?
    2. Moving your files to the cloud
    3. Microsoft-to-Google conversion
    4. Creating content on the Cloud
    5. Mobile app and synchronization
    6. Tips and tricks
    7. Reference materials, extend your learning
  6. Hands-On Training: Google Docs/Slides/Sheets
    1. How to share and collaborate
    2. How to get students sharing and collaborating
    3. Killer features and add-ons
    4. Digital lesson design with Google Docs
      1. HyperDocs – Link
      2. Example 1 –
      3. Example 2 –
      4. Example 3 –
      5. Freebies! –
  7. Hands-On Training: Google Classroom
    1. How to setup a Google Classroom and have students join
    2. Posting assignment and notes
    3. Reference materials, extend your learning
  8. Hands-On Training: Google Forms
    1. How and why to set up a form
    2. Forms to get to know your students
    3. Forms for real-time formative assessments and quizzes
    4. Reference materials, extend your learning
  9. Time to work, Q&A
  10. Training Evaluation