Randy’s education, original thinking, diverse experiences in unique educational contexts, track record as a distinguished educator, and skill set with technology has given him a unique perspective and value-add that a number of organizations have come to appreciate. Consider the following contexts in which Randy might be of service:

District and Building Technology Planning
Is your district or building looking to move forward with educational technology? Are you considering various learning management systems and don’t know where to start? Want to “go Google” and don’t know where to begin? Perhaps your school board, superintendent, and/or tech coordinator would like to speak to someone to make sure that your edtech initiative stays focused on student-centered outcomes? Randy would love to be of assistance!
Highlight: Randy served as the chief developer and project manager during year two of the Richland School District’s five-year 1:1 district technology plan (2015-16). The building he worked in went from near-zero usage of learning management systems by teachers to approximately 50% usage in just one year. Randy understands the importance of communicating rationale to stakeholders and understands the ground-floor steps that need to be taken to ensure district and building technology plans are centered around student achievement.
Consultation for EdTech Startups
Would your edtech company like to have a unique perspective on your product and implementation plans? With his experience using edtech in the classroom as well as going through numerous certified educator/trainer programs, Randy is sure to have some insights you will want to consider!
Highlight: Randy worked with Edmodo over the summer of 2016 and played a leading consulting role in helping them further their Google integration. His tutorial videos, webinars, tweets, presentations at Summits in the PNW, and Edmodo/Google Integration Topic became the driving force behind the company’s product development and marketing campaign that summer, including an email that went out to over six million teachers!

Social Media for Teachers, Schools, and Districts
Teachers, would you like to learn how to leverage social media to be a more connected educator? Schools and districts, are you looking to expand your social media presence online? Randy can help you be more intentional about your use of social media and help you navigate platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and more! Randy can also introduce you to free tools that can help you measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.
Highlight: Carmichael Middle School saw a 500% increase in website traffic after Randy overhauled their website with Google Sites and helped the school be more intentional with their use of social media to direct more traffic to the site and enhance communication. The school’s use of Google Sites and Forms to seek stakeholder input has been featured in the Google for Education Transformation Center.

If you’re interested in touching base with Randy about any of these services, contact him today to begin a conversation about how he can be of service!