Quizziz: An Engaging Formative Assessment Tool!

Quizizz is a lot like Kahoot, but it’s better for having students work individually. One of the best things about Quizizz is that you can share it directly to Google Classroom!



Compare and Contrast of Edmodo Quiz and Google Forms Quiz Features

by Randy Fairfield, 7/11/16

There are a lot of different options out there for quizzes, so which one is the best? Particularly if you’re using Edmodo and Google Apps, you will have to make decisions about whether or not to use an Edmodo Quiz or a Google Form. There’s actually some good reasons for doing both, and the video below explores the topic. Hope you find it helpful!

Link to Student Course Evaluation Aligned With TPEP Evaluation: https://goo.gl/COSpRF


Edmodo + GAFE = Project-Based Learning Platform

by Randy Fairfield, 6/9/16

Learn how to leverage the social learning platform that is Edmodo by integrating it with the Google Suite for Education to take project-based learning in your classroom to new heights! Used in the right way, Edmodo and the G Suite can be an incredible combination to enhance student collaboration.

YouTube Video:

Google Slides Presentation:


Kahoot! = Guaranteed Engagement

Kahoot is one of the most engaging web apps I’ve ever come across! Students compete with one another to try and answer questions as quickly and accurately as possible. It’s quick and easy to set up too! This can be used as a great formative assessment tool to see where your class is on DOK Level 1 knowledge.



VideoNot.es: Have Your Students Annotate YouTube Videos

Want to make sure that your students are doing their flipped classroom homework? Use Videonot.es to have them take time-stamped notes on the video! Videonot.es is integrated with Google Drive and you can also have students respond to questions you pose within the video! Of course another option would be to embed your videos into a Google Form quiz, but the time-stamping feature is what distinguishes VideoNot.es.



Quizlet: Create Vocabulary Flash Cards Online!

Quizlet is a very simple tool to use that allows you to make vocabulary flash cards online! This is a great tool that can be used for both formative and summative assessments. Quizlet offers the option to login with Google, and there are already a lot of teacher-made Quizlet vocabulary banks to pull from as well!



Sporcle: A Fantastic Source for Quizzes, Trivia, and Brain Games

Sporcle is one of my favorite places to go when it’s time to drill and kill. There are a countless number of user-generated quizzes you can use to have fun and master trivia. Sporcle is directly responsible for me learning how to name every U.S. President in chronological order as well as how to identify every country in the world given a blank map!



Edmodo SnapShot: CCSS Formative Assessments

by Randy Fairfield, 5/19/15

Edmodo Snapshot is a free, easy-to-use app that will help prepare students to master Common Core State Standards. This is an incredible formative assessment tool! Put the power into students hands by giving them a student-friendly copy of the CCSS, testing them with Snapshots, and then sending them the resources they need to self-study and improve their scores.


Animoto for Education – Tutorial for Teachers

Combine pictures, video clips, audio, and text to make snazzy looking presentations. It’s quick and easy to use, either for yourself or for your students!

Animoto videos can be a great way to have students introduce themselves to you and their classmates! I like to have students create Animoto presentations to showcase higher-order thinking as well.


If you’re interested, here’s a brief Animoto for Education tutorial for teachers I put together for you!