How to Create Interactive AVID eBinders Using Hapara and the Google Suite

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by Randy Fairfield, 3/22/17

If you’re an AVID school that’s gone or is going 1:1 and is using Hapara and Google Apps for Education, check out this brief tutorial I created on how you could create eBinders at your school! Having eBinders either replace or supplement traditional binders can be a great way to teach students the digital organizational skills they will need to be successful in a 21st-century economy.


How to Use Google Drive to Assist in Evidence Gathering for AVID Site Coordinators

by Randy Fairfield, 5/28/16

As an AVID Site Coordinator, I am expected gather a lot of evidence as a part the requirements of maintain our AVID certification. Using some more advanced Google Drive features has helped me keep track of all that evidence and stay sane at the same. The time I’ve saved on collecting and sorting the evidence has helped me focus more on the art of being a site team coordinator and less on the act of performing what sometimes feels like menial tasks.