Edmodo + GAFE = Project-Based Learning Platform

by Randy Fairfield, 6/9/16

Learn how to leverage the social learning platform that is Edmodo by integrating it with the Google Suite for Education to take project-based learning in your classroom to new heights! Used in the right way, Edmodo and the G Suite can be an incredible combination to enhance student collaboration.

YouTube Video:

Google Slides Presentation:


Edmodo and Google Drive / Chromebook / GAFE Integration

by Randy Fairfield, 6/6/16

A lot educators that are in school district’s that have adopted Google for Education have started switching over from Edmodo to Google Classroom, which pains me deeply! I’m an advocate for the Edmodo platform because I love that it’s a social learning platform and not just a place to post assignments. Here’s some ideas on how you can stick with the Edmodo platform and still get the most of Google Apps for Education too! Additionally, the Edmodo product team is working to streamline and tighten the integration of the platform even further in the coming months!!!


MisterEdTech’s Encouragement to EdmodoCon 2016 Presenters

by Randy Fairfield, 5/20/16


Reflections on TPACK and Edmodo Spotlight

by Randy Fairfield, 3/29/16

The more time I spend in the field of education, the more I realize what a challenging field it is to be effective in. Teaching well requires a level of expertise, skill, experience, and commitment that is far more exacting than other professions demand–particularly given the rate of compensation!


For instance, consider the TPACK framework to the left. I consider the framework incredibly helpful as a self-reflective tool to consider what the context-specific appropriate application for a teacher would be to leverage technology and instructional strategies in the delivery of their content. This image begs questions such as, “What is my content? What strategies will help me deliver it effectively? How might technology enhance those strategies?” Having knowledge in regards to your content area, instructional strategies, and effective uses of technology does not happen overnight! In order move past knowledge and into effective implementation, teachers must also draw from their experiences in order to know what does and doesn’t work. Beyond that, teachers must also have the skills to be able to deliver and the commitment to plan, implement, and follow through! Like I previously stated: teaching well is hard work!

One area in which many teachers have to spend a lot of their time is simply dealing with that first question: “What is my content?” Some school districts provide no curriculum or curriculum that is inadequate when it comes to addressing the higher standards for students that are spelled out in the Common Core. Instead of spending their time giving students meaningful feedback and considering how to best deliver instruction and leverage technology, many teachers are stuck looking for curricular content. This is where Edmodo Spotlight comes in.

espotlight_fb_defaultgraphicWith over 50 million registered users, Edmodo has become a place that many teachers are finding useful to connect with one another to prevent the problem that so many of educators face: we feel like we’re constantly reinventing the wheel. Why? Our content standards are constantly changing; we’re constantly being asked to implement new instructional strategies; and technology continues to change as well! Edmodo Spotlight is a place where teachers can upload, share, and sell resources to teachers. Further, these resources are vetted by the Edmodo team and review evaluated by other educators so you know you’re getting quality resources. These resources are carefully curated and easy to search for by grade level and content area standards.

So if you find yourself constantly scrambling for content, check out Edmodo Spotlight! You just might be pleasantly surprised at the treasure trove of resources that are available there. If you have a lot of resources that you’ve created yourself, you might consider sharing them with the rest of the world as well!


Edmodo Spotlight Tutorial: Share, Sell, and Find Teacher Resources

by Randy Fairfield, 11/18/15

Edmodo Spotlight is a new feature on Edmodo that provides educators with a place to share, sell, and find resources. Here’s an example of a resource I’ve shared on Spotlight:

The Little Rock Nine – Then and Now

The following is a brief Edmodo Spotlight tutorial that will show you how to utilize one of Edmodo’s newest and most helpful features.


Edmodo SnapShot: CCSS Formative Assessments

by Randy Fairfield, 5/19/15

Edmodo Snapshot is a free, easy-to-use app that will help prepare students to master Common Core State Standards. This is an incredible formative assessment tool! Put the power into students hands by giving them a student-friendly copy of the CCSS, testing them with Snapshots, and then sending them the resources they need to self-study and improve their scores.


NoRedInk: Grammar Made Fun!

Have you ever had students look forward to grammar? I didn’t either until I started using NoRedInk, which is a very student-friendly web application that gives learners a chance to practice and perfect grammar skills on sentences generated based on student interest profiles. NoRedInk can also be linked with Edmodo and used as an Edmodo App.