Using TabCloud to Manage Multiple Edmodo Small Groups

by Randy Fairfield, 3/30/17

If you’re an Edmodo power user, you just might have a lot of small groups and subgroups in Edmodo to keep track of. One thing I like to do to help me track of these small groups is to use TabCloud, which is a Google Chrome extension that allows me to save a set of tabs to quickly and easily tp pull up later. Using TabCloub has helped me keep track of things when I’ve had TONS of small groups running during times where students in multiple classes are working in groups of four or five on small group projects. TabCloud has also helped me manage small groups on Edmodo when I’m using them as subgroups, such as is the case in the Edmodo/Google Integration course I’m currently running online. Check out this short “how-to” video on how to keep your Edmodo small group sanity with TabCloud!


Push Websites to Students with Google Classroom Extension

by Randy Fairfield, 10/22/16

Did you know that you can get all your students on the website you want them to be on with just a few clicks? Here’s how you do it:

  1. Make sure your students are in a Google Classroom group you have setup.
  2. Install the “Share to Classroom” Google Chrome extension. – link
  3. Make sure the students are using Chromebooks.
  4. Go the link you want to push to your students.
  5. Push the URL to your students!


Five Google Chrome Extensions to Become a Productivity Monster

by Randy Fairfield, 9/16/16

A 2014 report came out that showed the average American spends over 100 minutes on the computer every day. 100 minutes! During that time, you want to be as productive as humanly possible. Google Chrome extensions are a fantastic way to help you improve your productivity. Taking just a few minutes to set up and learn how to use a Chrome Extension can save you a TON of time in the long run. Here’s a YouTube video and a Slide Deck to help you get going with five really helpful extensions:


Slide Deck:LINK



Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome

by Randy Fairfield, 8/14/16

I love keyboard shortcuts. As an educator, my time is limited and I need to make the most of it. So, on the rare occasion that I have a little time on my hands, I like to learn how to use shortcuts so that when I’m in a pinch I can get stuff done more quickly and easily. Here are some of the most essential time-saving shortcuts that are a must for daily use:



Google Chrome Extensions to Enhance Edmodo Productivity

by Randy Fairfield, 7/30/16

I used to think that Chrome Extensions were superfluous fluff meant for the uber geeky. While there’s some truth to that, I can’t get enough of them now that I’ve taken a closer look. Here are some of my favorite time-saving extensions that I use on a daily basis. Taking just a few minutes to learn some of these today can save you a few minutes every day for the rest of your life. YOLO… so…

Link to LinkClump extension:
Link to Close Inactive Tab extension: