Voice-to-Text Typing and Leaving Feedback in Google Docs

by Randy Fairfield, 3/13/17

Do you have students that struggle with handwriting and typing? Perhaps they struggle to get the ideas in their head down on the paper? Why not have them use the Voice-to-Text feature in Google Docs? Simply open up a Google Doc, click Tools, and then click Voice Typing. Game changer!

If you’re leaving a comment in Google Docs, click on the voice-to-text tool, and then say, “insert comment” followed by your comment, you will have voice-to-text in comments as well!


How to Use Edmodo and Google Docs to Enhance Teacher Feedback to Students!

by Randy Fairfield, 6/29/16

One of most important practices a teacher can engage in to help students learn is to give students feedback in an effective way. Using assignment comments in Edmodo and Google Docs features in tandem gives teachers a powerful combination of tools to move student learning towards mastery. Here’s some ideas on how to do it: