Advanced Google Image Searches

by Randy Fairfield, 9/15/17

Did you know you can narrow your Google image search results to better find what you’re looking for? This can be extremely helpful if you’re specifically looking for:

  • High resolution images!
  • Black and white images!
  • Transparent images!
  • Images labeled for commercial reuse!

There are kinds of fantastic ways in which you can filter your search results to meet your specific needs. This can also be a useful tool to show students and to have a discussion about intellectual property as students are often unaware they are stealing when they take a picture that has not been labeled for reuse.


Advanced Google Searches

by Randy Fairfield, 9/14/17

Did you know that you can use advanced Google Searches to narrow the results of your search by all sorts of different search parameters? Check it out!

Some of the advanced search features can also be done with shorthand. For example, the following search terms below, if typed into, would yield a website search results about the electoral college — but only with websites that have .edu domains.

electoral college site:edu

Here’s a preview of some of the many awesome filters you get when you click the link above: