Haiku Deck: Create Slick Presentations

Do you and your students sometimes struggle to make great looking PowerPoints and Google Slide Decks? While it’s important to teacher students how to avoid these presentation mistakes, Haiku Deck is a really easy way to create and share presentations in a way that’s just about guaranteed to be visually appealing. Check out the fantastic tutorial below.



Piktochart: Create Infographics for Free!

piktochartYou or your students can create infographics for free! You can create your own or use templates that have been pre-made for you! This can be a great way to have either you or your students present information! These infographics can also be really great conversation starters or reference material for Socratic Seminars and/or Philosophical Chairs activities.



Animoto for Education – Tutorial for Teachers

Combine¬†pictures, video clips, audio, and text to make snazzy looking presentations. It’s quick and easy to use, either for yourself or for your students!

Animoto videos can be a great way to have students introduce themselves to you and their classmates! I like to have students create Animoto presentations to showcase higher-order thinking as well.


If you’re interested, here’s a brief Animoto for Education tutorial for teachers I put together for you!