How to Turn off Recommended Content from YouTube Homepage

by Randy Fairfield, 2/25/17

I haven’t been browsing NSF content on YouTube, yet the “recommended content” showing up on the homepage of YouTube is not anything I would want my students to see. Do you have this problem too? Here is a link to the page that will guide in the simple steps you’ll want to take to adjust this setting on YouTube:


Restricting Viewership of YouTube Videos to Only Those Within Your EDU Domain

by Randy Fairfield, 6/3/16

Perhaps you ready to start flipping your classroom or want to create other video content to share with your students, but you’re not ready to go viral and become a YouTube celebrity. Here’s how you can put your videos up on YouTube without putting yourself out there to everybody else!

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Want to make sure that your students are doing their flipped classroom homework? Use to have them take time-stamped notes on the video! is integrated with Google Drive and you can also have students respond to questions you pose within the video! Of course another option would be to embed your videos into a Google Form quiz, but the time-stamping feature is what distinguishes


Using Parodies to Teach History

Amy Burvall is a private school teacher in Hawaii that has made a number of parodies from songs past and present to engage students. Her most popular song is “The French Revolution” which is a parody of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”. These parodies can be a great way to introduce vocabulary and teach history in a way that will be memorable for your students!